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KFHL 91.7 FM features inspirational and life-changing, Christ centered programming in the Bakersfield, California area. Explore Bible truth that will grow you spiritually, physically and emotionally!  
Keep Faith Hope & Love
24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
Find out more at
or call 1-800-617-WORD
Listen on your radio at 91.7 FM
Featured speakers:
Doug Batchelor - Speaker/Director, Amazing Facts
John Bradshaw - Speaker/Director, It Is Written
Shaun Boonstra - Speaker/Director of Voice of Prophecy
Joe Crews - former president, Amazing Facts
Dr. David DeRose - American Indian Living Radio
Dr. Hans Diehl - Founder/Director, CHIP

Mark Finley - former Speaker/Director, It Is Written
Vicki Griffin - Director, Lifestyle Matters
Dr. James Marcum -  Speaker/Director, Heartwise Ministries
Dr. Neil Nedley - President of Weimar Center of Health and Education
Steve Wohlberg - Speaker/Director, Whitehorse Media
Featured programs:
Bible Answers Live (w/Doug Batchelor)
Disclosure w/Shawn Boonstra)
Doorways (by Quiethour)
Healthy By Choice (w/Hans Diehl)
It Is Written (w/John Bradshaw)
Featured Short Programs:
The Spoken Word of God - Bible Readings by Alexander Scourby
My Utmost For His Highest - Oswald Chambers book reading
Spirit of Prophecy - Book readings of E.G. White writings
Whole Life Health Nuggets - Dr. John McDougall
My Money Life - Crown Financial Ministries
Back to Genesis - Dr. John Morris
Homeschool Heartbeat
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